Jen Sharp, Owner

First jump 1989. 3,500 jumps, AFF-I, TIE, CE, IERC Director, Master Rigger, Toilet cleaner, Dry Erase Stick Figure Artist, Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Chef. Favorite color? "Clear."

Jeremy Struemph, General Manager

3,000 jumps, 101 of those in just one day. AFF-I, TI, General Manager, Comic Relief, Hypnotee. Best thing ever?! "Chocolate milk and honeycrisp apples."

Bill Hubbell, S&TA

3,000 jumps since 1986. TI, Safety & Training Advisor, Rigger, Graceful in the sky but not so much in the plane. How do you like your steak? "Medium well."

Andrew Stearns, Student Coordinator

600 jumps since 2009. Automation Engineer, Contest-winning Club Dancer, Lover of Puns, Traveler. Animal you would want to be? "Water Buffalo! Those things are beasts!"

Cait Purinton, Legate

200 jumps since 2012. Coach, Agent of Good Will, Lover of Fashion Nails, Pink Fanatic. Most recent vacation? "Armenia AGAIN!"

Nathan Henry, Instructor

600 jumps, first jump 2008. TI, Photographer, Mechanical Engineer, Nylon Dress Connoisseur, Daydreamer, Absent-minded Professor. Favorite book? "Flatland: A romance of many dimensions."

Aaron Mitchell, Instructor

800 jumps since 2007. TI, Photographer, Singer, Song-writer, Performer, Life of any Party if you give him a piano and a mic. Favorite song? "Mahna Mahna."

Troy Barnt, Instructor

1,200 jumps, TI, Accomplished Thespian, Secretly Aspiring Vocalist, Chiropractor, Sit-down Comedian. Favorite thing to wear? "Pantyhose. Maybe wigs."

Mat Faulk, Coach

500 jumps since 1995. Homeless Outreach Specialist, Beard Contest Champion, Belgian Philosopher. Pet peeve? "Assuming the established institutions tell the general population the truth."

Megan Saatkamp, Coach

200 jumps, Full-time Anesthesiologist, Part-time Pundit, Over-time Humorist. Favorite snack? "PBJ made by Jen."

Angela Stoss, Coach

200 jumps, Engineer, Volleyball guru, Often seen carrying around a Family-size bag of Doritos. Favorite band? "Mumford and Sons!"

Chris Hubbell, Pilot

1,400 flight hours, Multi-engine, Commercial/Instrument, and Flight Instructor, Software Engineer. If you had a super power what would it be? "I wish I could fly - oh wait."

Jay Hubbell, Pilot

3,500 flight hours, Been Flying Half a Century, Community Volunteer, Flight Instructor, Solution Finder. Favorite lunch? "Surprise me."

Scott Blair, Pilot

1,000 flight hours, Aerial Mapping Pilot. Despite knowing the ending, chooses Tortoise over Hare. Most badass thing he can do? "Calculus in my head."

Kermit Crane, Pilot

8,000 hours of flight time, 3 jumps. Thespian, Flight Instructor, Pipeline Watcher, Not an Opera Singer. Favorite destination? Where ever the kids or grandkids are.

Ron Peters, Pilot

1,000 hours of flight time, 500 jumps since 1990. Retired Fire Captain, Part-time Carpenter, Ex-Boxer, Coffee Zealot. Fantasy jump? "Light a canopy on fire while I'm flying it!"

Janelle Sharp, Manifest

12 jumps before birth, zero after. Trumpeteer, Black Belt, High Schooler, Pencil Artist, Mural Bedroom Maker. Crazy thing said while asleep? "Skydive Kansas, this is Janelle..."

Rod Siegele, Rigger

400 jumps since 2009. Retired Math Teacher, Doctorate Holder, Karate Enthusiast, Builder. Favorite thing to pack? "A Suitcase!"

Brian Leimer, Packer

Zero Jumps. Packs things up and puts them down. Weight Lifter, College Student, Rower. Can eat an entire package of hot dogs at once. Favorite rig? "A packed one."