Planning Tips:

Coordinating a weekday jump for a larger group takes some time, so be sure to call plenty in advance! If you try to schedule a large group online, it may seem there is not availability on the time & date of your choice: CALL US instead to schedule! Make sure your group has a RAIN DATE in mind.  That rain date can also be another weekday with some advance planning.  However, in case of bad weather, your group may not get to jump all together on the same day, or some may go on the scheduled day before bad weather moves in while others have to go at a later date.  We will do our best to accommodate your group, but mother nature often has her own agenda.  In addition, weekday tandems will take longer to complete because we will not have our full staff there.  It is best to plan to spend the entire day at the drop zone.

The discount given to a group of three or more is presented only to the organizer of the group.  The other 2 members of the group do not receive a $10 discount each.  If the group has 6 or more, two $10 discounts will be given which totals $20; for groups of 9 or more, three $10 discounts for a total of $30, and so on. These group discounts can really add up! Get your friends together and make it a social event to remember!
schedule NOW! The little extras we can supply to your group ...
How long does it take?

The logistics... how large groups work:
How many people are in your group?
How many in your group want freefall photography?

This is an estimate only. If all is running very smooth, it might take less time. If we are backed up because of weather or other factors, it might take more time.

With our full staff in summer with the most daylight, we can accomodate 20 tandems per day over the time slots of 8am, 10am, 12 noon, 2pm, and 4pm.  This ensures we have enough time to accommodate all tandems as well as other students and licensed jumpers.  If you have a large group, depending on the number, we can accommodate you in two ways.  First, you can split your group up to train at the normal time slots.  This means no single person will have to spend more than about 4 hours at the drop zone, given ideal conditions and no unscheduled aircraft maintenance issues. The second option is for your whole group to train together and make their jumps throughout the day.  This means everyone shows up at a designated time slot and trains together.  Some people will be finished after an hour and a half... the last few people will have been there 6 to 8 hours.  The benefit is that everyone can enjoy their jumps together.  The disadvantage is that a few people have to wait a long time before their turn to jump. We will accomodate whichever way you choose. If over half of your group want to get video or still photos, it may take longer to do all the jumps.

It would be helpful for you to think of this as more of a SEQUENCE instead of a SCHEDULE with time slots set in stone.  Be assured we do our best to make the experience as fun and timely as possible, but safety is our number one priority.

Sample Email to send to your group
We appreciate you as a group organizer working as the go-to person in communicating to everyone! Here's a sample email you can send to your group so they know what to expect:

Hey Guys! Can you believe we're finally going to do it!? How long have we been talking about jumping out of a perfectly good airplane!? Well, it's finally here! I went online and scheduled a jump at Skydive Kansas at this link:

I chose Saturday, May 6 at 10:00 am as the "show up" time. We should plan for about 6 hours for everyone in our group, from start to finish. If you want to join me, go online and reserve a spot for yourself with a non-refundable deposit and on checkout when it asks "Are you with a group?" enter my name as the group name. That way we'll be able to train together, then watch each other take turns jumping. Since we will also be around during lunch, I'm planning on bringing stuff to grill. They said we could use their grill and picnic tables, so bring some chips or dessert!

Make sure you reserve your spot soon, or it might fill up! And remember you have to be at least 18 years old and weigh 220 pounds or less in order to skydive. If you have any questions, you can contact Skydive Kansas directly at 785.840.5867 or . See you all soon!

Weekday jumps
Call ahead if you want to arrange a weekday group jump in the summer, and we will get with our staff to see if your date is possible.  However, we cannot guarantee the day until we receive your payment. The minimum amount due to reserve a weekday is five prepaid tandems.  This amount is non-refundable.  Each person will lose money they paid if they do not show up at the scheduled date and time, are not 18 years of age or older, or weigh over 220 lbs.  If only one person shows up, they can still skydive, but no money will be refunded for the ones who did not show.  However, this amount is transferable to a different date in case of bad weather, and can be transferred to another person if some one in your group is unable to go.  If some in the group wants video/stills and they must pay an extra $10 deposit per person and will owe the balance of the photography when they show up. Also, if you have more than five people, you are welcome to include them either by just having them show up, in which case they will owe regular price for the tandem and we cannot guarantee they will go, OR, have them put down the non-refundable $40 deposit and they can owe the discounted balance when they show up.

On a weekday we are flexible on the time slot, but before we nail down a time for you to show up, it might be best to know exactly how many people will be there. We don't want to pick a time that's so late that we'll run out of daylight before everyone gets to jump.

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