Planning Tips:

Coordinating a weekday jump for a larger group takes some time, so be sure to call plenty in advance! If you try to schedule a large group online, it may seem there is not availability on the time & date of your choice: CALL US instead to schedule! Make sure your group has a RAIN DATE in mind.  That rain date can also be another weekday with some advance planning.  However, in case of bad weather, your group may not get to jump all together on the same day, or some may go on the scheduled day before bad weather moves in while others have to go at a later date.  We will do our best to accommodate your group, but mother nature often has her own agenda.  In addition, weekday tandems will take longer to complete because we will not have our full staff there.  It is best to plan to hang out with us the entire day at the drop zone.

The discount given to a group of three or more is presented only to the organizer of the group.  The other 2 members of the group do not receive a $10 discount each.  If the group has 6 or more, two $10 discounts will be given which totals $20; for groups of 9 or more, three $10 discounts for a total of $30, and so on. These group discounts can really add up! Get your friends together and make it a social event to remember!
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Video & Still Photos only $85
Freefall DVD Video
This ~10 minute video includes a short promo featuring skydives and fun at Skydive Kansas.  Part of your training, gear up, and plane ride are included as we interview you before your jump!  Then you see your entire freefall as a cameraman flies right with you in freefall, capturing every moment from a few feet away!  You also see part of the canopy ride, your landing, and your reaction to the excitement afterwards!  The footage is shot with HD Digital Video cameras, specially mounted for skydiving.  We edit your digital footage and copy it onto a USB thumb drive or dub back to standard def onto high quality DVD ... so you get to take it home with you that day! We have royalty free music composed and performed by a skydiver especially for your experience, which we dub onto your final edited version. We allow you to copy or make prints at will with no restriction other than keeping credit to Skydive Kansas intact.
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Freefall Digital Still Photographs
You get a USB thumb drive full of ~80+ high resolution digital photos in .jpg format. Most of these are taken of your freefall as a cameraman flies right with you, capturing every moment from only a few feet away, taking as many as 3 pictures per second!  You get the USB soon after you land. We allow you to copy or make prints at will with no restriction other than keeping credit to Skydive Kansas intact. If you prefer, you can opt to put the raw video footage on your USB drive instead of the DVD! If you want to be on our WALL of photos, just mail in a print! Below is one sample of the quality of photograph you will receive, clear and IN YOUR FACE!

Other things to know
When you choose to have freefall photography, please allow extra time for the jump, plus plan on staying after about 20 minutes while we dub your footage.

deposits for video & photography
You can reserve a photographer for your jump by adding a $10 non-refundable deposit when you schedule your jump.  This deposit is applied towards the total cost of your purchase.  If you do not put this deposit down to reserve a photographer, we may not have staff available and to record your skydive. This deposit is not refundable without exception and is only transferable to a different date if weather does not permit the skydive.  You may transfer your deposit to a different person as long as they use your scheduled date and time slot.  If you do not put a deposit down, freefall photography may or may not be available at the time of your jump.

Save $5 by bringing in both your own USB thumb drive and/or your own blank DVD-R or +R.