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Student Training Program


After you make your first jump, you may decide you want to continue skydiving and earn your license. Our program has three phases:
Phase One: Tandem
Phase Two: Instructor Assisted Freefall
Phase Three: Coached Dives

Each phases is broken down into several jumps.  Each jump has several objectives you meet before moving to the next dive.  After completing all three phases, you have the skills and jumps that will automatically qualify you for your A license, your first basic skydiving license.

Our innovative training program is unmatched in quality!  We use personalized one-on-one instruction throughout your training!  You don't sit through just ONE long class with a large group of students where you get lost in the crowd! You will have ONE-ON-ONE instruction for every training session until you earn your license! And we break up the training into smaller sessions, so you don't have "brain overload!" In addition to regular, personalized instruction, you get support materials to help you learn... online training, handouts, objective written tests, and FREE video of your Phase Two jumps!  This comprehensive training method is based on USPA SIM Programs and exceeds the standards outlined there. This program also complies with USPA's Integrated Student Program.

Phase One Tandem
phase one tandem
Ground School
Before jumping solo online Ground School and Ground School Review WAS $89.00
NOW for a limited time only $35!

A training course that covers FAA rules, intro to packing, gear, parts of the canopy, airplane procedures, freefall control, freefall hand signals, canopy control, landings, and malfunctions or unexpected events. You start by using, which you can access for free! Then you schedule a Ground School Review at the dropzone after you have studied and are ready to continue to your solo jump.  Both segments to this course must be taken before doing any solo jump, but can be taken before Phase One is completed.  According to USPA currency requirements, the student must make a jump within 30 days of completing this Ground School Review, or a retrain review is required. This one-on-one instruction is scheduled by appointment with an instructor.  Training includes written, oral and practical sections.  (see more here)

Join USPA $65
Students must join USPA before making their first Phase Two jump.  Membership in United States Parachute Association gives skydivers liability insurance, a monthly magazine, and the ability to earn licenses and awards.  Price subject to change as per USPA.   Students can get an application from the drop zone, or apply online.  All of the instructors and skydivers at Skydive Kansas are required to be current USPA members with current ratings.

Phase Two Assisted
phase two assisted
Phase Three Coached
phase three coached

If you schedule your ahead online and pay cash, you can take advantage of our discounts.
Tandem #1: $220
Tandem #2 & 3: $190 each
Join USPA: ~ $65 FREE!
Ground School Review: $89 NOW ONLY $35
Assisted Jumps: $120 each (usually 5 to 7 jumps)
Coached Jumps: $70 each (usually around 15 to 17 jumps)

So, for under $2,500, depending on your abilities and currency, you can earn your USPA License!

* prices subject to change