Prices effective March 2007 and subject to change without notice.

Licensed Jumpers

$25 to full altitude (usually 10K to 12K AGL)
$20 Hop & Pop Load slot (entire load exits 4,000 feet or less)

$60 starting for Reserve Repack
$35 for ground recurrency training
$15 Gear Rental per jump or $50 per day (whichever is less)
    We have Mirages with PD218R, Cypres2 Expert, Voyager 240/220

see our licensed jumper policy


$12 - 20 goggles
$10 logbooks
also rubber bands, batteries, stickers, license plates, headgear, souvenirs, etc.
T-Shirts! Prices starting at $15
- Including short sleeve, long sleeve, cap sleeve
- You gotta get one! Several designs available...
See our popular "Top Ten Reasons" design!

Student Program

If you schedule your ahead online and pay cash, you can take advantage of our discounts.
Tandem #1: $220 or less
Tandem #2 & 3: $190 each or less
Join USPA: ~ $65 FREE!
Ground School Review: $89 NOW ONLY $35
Assisted Jumps: $120 each (usually 5 to 7 jumps)
Coached Jumps: $70 each (usually around 15 to 17 jumps)

So, for under $2,500, depending on your abilities and currency, you can earn your USPA License!

* prices subject to change
See also other prices & info for tandems, freefall photography, students, & demonstration jumps.