Skydive Kansas

Prices effective March 2007 and subject to change without notice.
Licensed Jumpers
$25 to full altitude (usually 10K to 12K AGL)
$20 Hop & Pop Load slot (entire load exits 4,000 feet or less)

$60 starting for Reserve Repack
$35 for ground recurrency training
$15 Gear Rental per jump or $50 per day (whichever is less)
    We have Mirages with PD218R, Cypres, Voyager 240/220

see our licensed jumper policy

$12 - 20 goggles
$10 logbooks
also rubber bands, batteries, stickers, license plates, headgear, souvenirs, etc.
T-Shirts! Prices starting at $15
- Including short sleeve, long sleeve, cap sleeve
- You gotta get one! Several designs available...
See our popular "Top Ten Reasons" design!
See also other prices for tandems, freefall photography, students, & demonstration jumps.