Demo Jumper Jen Sharp brings in the American Flag as her daughter Janelle Sharp performs the National Anthem on solo trumpet.
We can skydive into your special event, such as a Grand Opening, Anniversary, Holiday Celebration, Athletic Event, etc.  Prices for demonstration jumps start at $500, but depend on dates, location, insurance, and details. If you don't have space for a jump, but need an Inspirational & Leadership Speaker, see more here.

We can jump with your sponsor flag, our American Flag,
smoke, streamers, costumes, or other specialties.

Call Jen Sharp at 785.840.JUMP or for a specific quote.  
Not all areas or conditions are approved by the FAA for demonstration jumps. Extra charges apply for certain dates, distant locations, additional insurance coverage. Items must be submitted at least two weeks prior to event date. Weather can cancel the demonstration jump.

What We Provide


Our experienced skydivers have jumped into Kansas State University Wagner Field, University of Kansas Memorial Stadium, Washburn University Stadium, Emporia State University, Wichita Cessna Stadium, Pittsburg State University, Kansas Shrine Bowl events, Topeka Heartland Park, many High School football fields, baseball fields, race tracks, and other various locations for special events.


Up to eight PRO rated Skydivers are assisted by our own trained ground crew. We can also provide a knowledgeable announcer to assist you.
(subject to availability)


We provide at least $250,000 worth of Liability Insurance, and for additional charges, you can increase that amount to $1 million, $2 million, or whatever you need!


We comply with the regulations of the Federal Aviation Administration and the United States Parachute Association and will file all the necessary waivers, NOTAMs, and miscellaneous paperwork.


Our jumpers can fly with an American flag, your company's or team's flag, a game ball, a wedding ring, the winning ticket, etc. Smoke is available for additional cost with ample notice. And we can even jump in costume! (subject to safety approval)

What You Provide:


• Name of the Event
• Contact Person
• Phone Number
• Address
• Time for jumpers to land
• Ground Crew meeting point
• Names of Insured Parties


A check for $50 as a non-refundable deposit is required for paperwork.


A separate check for the balance is required prior to the skydive, which will be refunded in case of low clouds, high winds, or other weather inhibitions.


A letter of permission from the owners of the land where the skydivers will drop is required, on official letterhead if applicable.

5. MAP

Provide a map of the area, with all hazards clearly marked (power lines, stands, spectators, trees, etc.) Also include where security, ground crew and/or first aid may be located. An actual GPS location is an advantage for us.