Sunday, October 8, 1995: Skydive Kansas opened its doors at the Pomona-Lyndon Airport
July 1996: Skydive Kansas moved to its current location at the Osage City Municipal Airport
July 1997 : Instructor Assisted Freefall added as training method
April 1998 : Second Cessna 182 added
December 1998 : Janelle cuts away from mom and enters the world!
March 2000 : computer based AAD required
February 2002 : John cuts away from mom and greets his sister!
April 2003 : First Coach Certification Course hosted
October 2004 : Upgrade and revamp student gear towards a smooth license progression
September 2005 : teamed up to co-host the First Annual All Kansas Cessna Boogie held at Air Capital Dropzone, Wichita, KS
• October 2005 : Skydive Kansas celebrates 10 years AND hits 20,000 jumps on that same weekend!
January 2006 : City approves hangar improvement plan
December 2006 : We sign a long term lease with the City
January 2007 : reduced fleet to single Cessna DZ
June 14, 2007 : DROP ABUSE raises funds for Domestic Violence programs and sets state record by Jeremy Struemph
August 2007 : Raised funds for Leap for Lupus
January 2008 : Skydive Kansas launches JUMPstart program
August 2008 : Continuing to make facility improvements, in the hangar as well as resurfacing runway
December 2008 : Jet A available on site

Check out more history of the sport at

One time Kansas resident Tiny Broadwick was the first person to make a premediated freefall! Check out Kansas legend Smitty the Jumper!

See Wikipedia's entry on Skydiving.

History of the Osage City Airport compiled by City Manager Nick Hernandez from Minutes dating back to the 1940's!

January 2009: Full service loft now available with Master Rigger services
April 2009 : Skydive Kansas Online Ground School hailed as innovative educational supportive program; USPA to launch their own version, programmed by
July 2009 : Reached 30,000 jumps total
January 2010 : Now offering Examiner training through IERC directorship
August 12, 2010 : CANCER101 raises funds for Pancreatic Cancer Research and breaks the state record Jeremy Struemph already held for Most Jumps in One Day in Kansas
September 2011 : Hosted an all girl Tandem certification course through Female Skydiving Instructors
November 2011 : DZO Jen Sharp took ESPN-U Road Trip TV stars on tandem jumps for K-State!
December 2011 : Made the Cover of the 2012 Kansas League of Municipalities Calendar!
February 2012 : Added our Cessna U206F and painted it like a Shark!
March 2012 : Won most creative bed in the Topeka Bed Race (again!)
July 2012 : Sponsored the winning Derby Car driven by Jake Wiezorek
July 2012 : Hosted SIS event with founder Nancy Koreen freeflying lady
August 2012 : Nicole Smith finished her 50 state tour with a jump with us
September 2, 2012 : Wheelchair bound Ian Kuenzi gained the freedom of flight making his first tandem skydive with Jeremy Struemph
The Year 2012 : DZO Jen Sharp and Skydive Kansas featured nationally numerous times on radio shows, blogs, magazines, and as guest speaker to the Topeka Capitol
July 2013 : Sponsored the winning Derby Car driven by Jake Wiezorek