Jen Sharp
Keynote Inspirational & Leadership Speaker

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For business & groups: Tired of sending yo ur staff to workshops with no real results? Lessons only to be forgotten the following week when it’s back to the office grind?
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This innovative one-day seminar draws analogies and connects metaphors between skydiving and real life. Particpants will make the ultimate connection and skydive! For more, see:

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Do you have an event that requires a Keynote Inspirational or Leadership Speaker?
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Jen Sharp, successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, and one of the country’s leading female skydivers, shares the lessons and experience of more than 25 years of skydiving and 18 years in business, drawing analogies to the field and history of skydiving. She has more than 3,300 jumps and is a certified USPA AFF instructor & course director, Strong Tandem Master, FAA Master parachute rigger and highly regarded dropzone owner. She earned her degree in Education from Kansas State University and taught in public schools and at the University level. After earning her degree in Computer Information Systems, she established her own e-learning and web programming company. She also has earned her Masters in Business Adminstration from Ottawa University.

Ms. Sharp has presented short half hour to 1 hour topics on general skydiving as well as full 3 day seminar at venues such as the International convention for Parachute Industry Association, USPA's Dropzone Owner Conference, and even at the Topeka Kansas Capitol. Other smaller venues have included grade schools, high schools, senior centers, aerobatic clubs, community organizations and others. She is often interviewed for articles and educational papers, radio shows, blogs and more. Her first book is set to be published late 2014. Her audience varies from non-jumpers who know nothing of skydiving to long-time jumpers with instructional ratings. Topics presented are similarly eclectic:
• General Skydiving Information
• Introductory Skydiving Training
• Peer Communication
• Effective Listening
• Advanced Techniques for Education & Training
• Skydiving Gear & Rigging
• Problem Solving
• Result Creating
• Time Management
• Awareness Management
• Risk Management & Assessment
• Conflict Resolution
• Balance & Perspective
• Skydiving History

Most striking, however, is Ms. Sharp's ability to relate skydiving to real life. Even if you never make a jump, you can relate to her humorous anedocotes and inspiring accounts. Prices vary based on dates and location. Flexible and open weekday availability with limited weekend availability. For more information, or call her directly: 785.840.JUMP.