Don't get discouraged! Remember we live in Kansas, and weather forecasters can only predict somewhat accurately only a few hours ahead. If you have been rescheduled several times, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! This is just what happens, especially in Spring and Fall.

Reschedule by choosing a date, filling in your information, then "pay" with a rain check. If you were not issued a rain check number, and we'll look you up and give you one.
schedule NOW! Need to reschedule?
If your jump was canceled due to weather or unscheduled aircraft maintenance, you would not have lost your deposit. If you are ready to schedule again with a particular date and time in mind, you can do this online:
1. choose a date
2. fill in your information
3. "pay" by selecting the option at the bottom of the checkout page that says:
"Reschedule (rain check)"