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the obvious question...

Why would anyone jump out of a perfectly good airplane?

but if you know the answer to that, the next question is... Why choose Skydive Kansas?

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or you may have other common questions...

"How much does it cost? Can we get DISCOUNTS!?"
"Can I have it videoed?"
"When can I go?"
"How long does it take?"
"How old do you have to be?"
"How do I make more jumps or get a License?"
"Do you sell gift certificates?"
"Why don't you do GROUPON?"


Why we have Tandem: this method for introductory skydiving was never intended as an amusement ride. Hear Ted Strong, inventor of Tandem Skydiving, say it in his own words. THIS is Skydive Kansas philosophy: training, education, fun, guidance, mentorship, vision... We encourage and train people to take responsibility for themselves. We give our FIRST JUMP TANDEM STUDENTS an altimeter so you can see your altitude, a ripcord so you can pull your own parachute open, and the toggles so you can steer your parachute to the ground and land with us!

You're not just along for the ride!

Would you trust your life to just anyone? Don't just take our word for it ...
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"My time leading up to my initial jump as well as the experience, itself, has lead to the strange realization that my fear of failure (something I have only recently realized I have) is greater, by far than my fear of injury or death. Given the likely cost of psychotherapy, I find the amount of self-realization per dollar to be a bargain with skydiving. ;)" - Tristan Zorko, Nebraska, May 2015
"Hi! My friend and I jumped with you guys yesterday... I would like to thank you for your up beat attitude and excitement for us as we boldly ventured where only 1% of the world's population decides to trek. For us, it was unfathomably exciting, and I want to thank you for cheering us on. I hope everyone you've met takes the time to thank you because you truly deserve the gratitude. I cannot stress enough the great impression you've left on my friend and I. once again, Jen, Turk, Rick, Justin, Emily, Kermit and anyone I was not fortunate enough to meet, thanks."
- Mark J., Wayne, Nebraska, January 2007
"Jen, Thanks for your expertise and patience on my tandem jump with you... it was a great [74th] birthday."
- Donald B., Topeka, Kansas, October 2006
"Thanks to all at Skydive Kansas. My tandem jump was having a hard time finding the words to describe of the best moments of my life..everyone at Skydivekansas made me and my pal Colleen feel at ease..great place..even greater people! WOOHOO!!! ... Thanks Again.!!!!!!!
- Deb W., Gardner, Kansas, June 2006
"I really enjoyed jumping at your DZ last weekend! My friends were really impressed with your hospitality and so was I. I'll be back again someday! We all had a great time!"
- Bob H., Nebraska, USPA Licensed Skydiver
"Jen, I want to thank you and your staff. Your entire staff were polite, kind, and a lot of fun. They all made me feel at ease. Mr. Hubbell was amazing! From the moment I met him, I never doubted that I was completely safe. As I told Mr. Hubbell, after skydiving I now know why God rewards angels with wings. I am eager to jump again. I also want to go to ground school and make the required jumps to get my license. Again, thank you!"
- Rossanna W., Topeka, Kansas, August 2004
"I wanted to say thanks for the great experience on Saturday. There was no way I could have been prepared for the amazing rush of skydiving! You and Bill made sure the experience was everything it could have been and I look forward to coming back out for another time around! Thanks again!"
- Shelli M., Topeka, Kansas, August 2004
"Thank you very much for giving me a thrill of a lifetime. I very much enjoyed and loved the experience of skydiving. I just can't wait to go up again. I am still watching the video over and over again, and am constantly amazed at the quality of the pictures and video, and the instances that they remind me of. Skydiving is all I am thinking about these days. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
- Shahzad Q., Overland Park, Kansas, July 6, 2002
"Just wanted to drop a short note to thank you for the fun on Saturday. Great teachers for my first tandem jump. It was an incredible experience and I hope to do it again someday. Thanks for making it happen ..."
- Todd F., Topeka, Kansas, July 6, 2002
"Thanks for helping make my first jump such a trip! I'm sure I will do it again...the pictures are all terrific & I love the video. Money well spent...To quote Jim, 'Now I know why birds sing!'"
- Sharon K., Liberty, Missouri, June 23, 2002
"Thank you for an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. I framed my certificate already and I can't wait to try it again. Thanks!"
- Christina M., Lawrence, Kansas, July 16, 2000
"I just wanted to thank you for the great jump last Sunday. What a thrill. I've always wanted to skydive---and now I have! The pictures are great!"
- Brenda R., Topeka, Kansas, August 15, 1999
"Hi! The pictures are great! I have played the video for about 20 people so far. I think I could watch it 100 more times before the thrill wears off."
- Sana B., Topeka, Kansas, July 30, 2000
"I just wanted to drop a note and tell you thanks again for such an awesome experience at skydiving. I absolutely loved it and hope to be back again. It was the best birthday I have ever had and you helped make it that way. Maybe life does begin after 40! The pictures and video turned out great!"
- Jan V., Wamego, Kansas, September 25, 1999
"I had a great time. Thanks for an unforgettable experience!"
- Kathie W., Osage City, Kansas, August 20, 2000
"Hey guys and gal! Thanks for the time of my life on Sunday. I was impressed with your professionalism. You are the bomb! I'll be back for my second jump before you know it. Thanks again."
- Quentin H., July 26, 1998