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See Night Jumps Briefing
This outline is used for required prebrief for intentional night jumps.

See Water Landing Briefing
This outline is used for unintentional water landing training to fill B license requirements.

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Staff Articles
From the hand (or mouse) of our expert staff & other from around the skydiving world...

The Flare Jen Sharp, 26 May 2009
"...you can put emphasis on landing and flare without spending a large amount of time."

What is a penny worth? Jen Sharp, 22 April 2009
"A penny for your thoughts? "

"Then I started Skydiving..." Anonymous, 01 October 2008
"The only problem was I wanted to go again."

"Used Gear Calculator" Jen Sharp, 10 August 2008
"I am asked very often about gear and if a sale ... is a good deal."

"What Skydivers Know" Susan Russell, 16 May 2008
"...we have a common bond that draws us together, time and again..."

"Why would anyone jump out of a perfectly good airplane?" Troy Barnt, 03 Apr 2008
"...C9-H13-NO3. That would be adrenaline to you all you English majors...."

How Safe is Skydiving? Jen Sharp, 20 Mar 2008
"Irrespective of what any statistics say, you ... have a planet hurled at your face at 120 mph....."

Secrets of a Female Tandem Instructor Jen Sharp, Published in Skydiving Magazine January 2008
"...I didn’t start out right away and take 220 pound 6 foot 4” guys like I can now...."

Why FREE Gift Certificates? Jen Sharp, 05 Dec 2007
"...Have you ever received a gift certificate and never used it?...."

8 Tips to Avoiding Canopy Collisions Nathan Blood, 21 Apr 2007
"...Focusing on canopy patterns and flight rather than collision avoidance means canopy collisions won't be a problem...."

The Evolution of Sport Skydiving Martin Myrtle, 15 Apr 2007
"...What began as a few ex-military guys having a little fun is now a sport that has come out of the extreme, into the mainstream, and has been enjoyed at least once literally by millions of adventurous souls..."

Skydiving Statistics Alexander Shyrokov, 15 Mar 2006
"...the number of experienced skydivers is decreasing...the number of the unexperienced jumpers in the United States is growing."

A DZ Philosophy Jen Sharp, 12 Sep 2005
"Developing a mission statement can clarify goals..."

Rules vs. Safety Jen Sharp, 04 Aug 2005
"... safety and rules don't always go hand in hand..."

Teaching Skydiving Jen Sharp, 08 June 2005
"... We are definitely an elite group of individuals responsible for the safety and learning of those coming after us..."

Stress! Brian Germain, 09 May 2005
"... Unfortunately, the survival mechanisms that worked in the past will not often help us today..."

Maintaining Profitability in a Small DZ Martin Myrtle, 11 Apr 2005
"...I would say that unless you operate with absolutely no competition (which nobody does these days due to the national booking services), that this is one of the most important things you can do to secure your share of the student market..."

Fear is Inversely Proportional to Intelligence Brian Germain, 28 Mar 2005
"... People who are in a state of fear have a diminished functionality of the Neo Cortex, or the “new” part of the brain..."

Life Insurance?! compiled, 27 Feb 2005
"... many insurance companies excluded benefits when the cause is skydiving, or worse, they reject the applicant altogether..."

Remembering Smitty the Jumper Chuck Powell, October 1995 pdf
"... He made the harness himself by tying the lines to an old Model A steering wheel and used a horse harness to make risers ..."

Selecting the Right Canopy
Recommendations for main canopy selection and canopy control:

Performance Designs
Education Webpage
Choosing a Canopy part 1 pdf
Choosing a Canopy part 2 pdf
Downsizing Intelligently pdf
Getting the Best Performance pdf
Low Turns pdf
Survival Skills pdf
Wing Loading pdf
Flying and Landing Safely pdf

Icarus Canopies

Choosing the Right Canopy pdf

Thesis: Tandem Skydiving with Wheelchair Dependant Persons pdf
Tandem Pants for Special Needs pdf