Have you had to reschedule several times due to weather? Don't get discouraged! Remember we live in Kansas, and weather forecasters can only predict somewhat accurately only a few hours ahead. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! This is just what happens, especially in Spring and Fall.

"I ordered good weather for this weekend, but I'm not in charge of delivery."

This is THE LINK!  Graphic interpretation is easy to understand, plus gives cloud layers, time frame & wind speed/direction. Most accurate for cloud cover information.
Their page for Topeka with graphs for current conditions, most accurate especially for wind speed prediction.
Visual animation of surface winds across the U.S. with zoom feature for a more local look.
Map of the airports within a 100 mile radius. Just mouseover the airport icon to see AWOS or other available reports for that location.
Detected from your location and time, forecasted at hourly intervals.
From the Kansas City reporting station, forecasted at 6, 12, or 24 hour increments. See also from the Salina or Wichita reporting stations.
The National Weather Service Aviation Digital Data Service: type in the station you want...
      KTOP is Topeka Billard.
      KFOE is Topeka Forbes
      KEMP is Emporia

Then select Translated radio button, the hit Get TAFs and METARs button. Very detailed and updated short range forecasts. This is some of what you get on a pilot briefing.
Or... see them all together in this link.
Want to look up a different weather station? Find the identifier here...
From the National Weather Service, what you get in an Automatic Surface Observation System call. Get Current Conditions at ...
      Topeka Billard
      Topeka Forbes
The latest Radar Image of Northeast Kansas, showing precipitation
Shows the U.S. satellite image with cloud cover/ water vapor, wind direction, isobars!
From the National Weather Service, Current Conditions, Forecasts, Watches and Warnings for Osage County
The Weather Channel
Current area forecast or Weekend Forecast.. plus view current weather hour by hour and see current & forecast maps. Not as accurate as NWS but graphically more interesting.
get the forecast for Osage City in a format easy to understand without a ton of details
Storm Warnings from the Aviation Weather Center in Kansas City, Missouri