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Our original online course that we released in 2004 won an international
E-Learning contest!
Skydive Kansas has pioneered a unique advantage for education with our state of the art in e-Learning, our online Ground School program, featuring interactive pictures, quizzes, video clips and MORE! Sections covered include Rules, Gear, Airplane, Exit, Freefall, Canopy, Landing, and Emergencies.

Nationally released USPA Online Ground School! Our DZO Jen Sharp [programmer by day] developed an online ground school for Skydive Kansas in 2004. USPA hired her in 2013 to develop one nationally for any and all student to novice skydivers! Access it free at

By studying ahead at your leisure, you can spend your precious weekend time in the air instead of in a classroom! Having a "jump start" on this information, you can learn MORE and be a safer, more knowledgeable skydiving student! Most people take about two hours to complete all the sections. After successfully completing the online ground school, you can schedule with an instructor at the dropzone to review and complete the physical portions of your solo training. If have not made a jump in a while and need to retrain, you can use Skydive School to study again!

When you visit this e-Learning course, you not only get access to the information needed for solo jumping, but also modules that help you earn your first USPA license and your intermediate license: packing, canopy drills, advanced phases, and more!

If you have an account with us and are ready for solo, login and Sign up for Ground School now!